Meet the team

Antonin Deudon

Developer – Project manager

Having worked in different kind of structures feeling out of place, I decided to create my own video game studio. What fascinates me with programming is the creative potential it offers. I tend to plan adding tons of features to Seeds of Resilience, increasing its depth and complexity. I’ll do my best to control myself so we release before the next century.

I also make websites as a freelancer to be able to pay my rent while spending as much time as possible working on Seeds of Resilience.

Alexandre Pointet

Artist – Mechanical engineer

Looking for meaning in life, passioned by construction processes and manufacturing techniques, I complete my theoretical approach with wood and metal crafting. Seeds of Resilience’s graphics summarises my multiple discoveries, visits and experimentations. I want to propose a simulation of the resilience of an environment confronted to human presence.

In parallel, I’m starting a company to design production tools for biosourced construction material. While substantial, I strongly believe our 7-billion human team will succeed to build its own balance.

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